School and Community Transportation


Safety, transparency and reliability

ZipCare Transportation is St. Louis' leading school transportation provider. Because making sure students can get to school is about so much more than just getting a ride, we are committed to 3 values in providing transportation for our community's students:


ZipCare has made numerous investments in technology and management in order to ensure students are transported with the most attention to safety possible. Our initiatives include:

  • Only hiring drivers with clean and safe driving records
  • Rewarding drivers with increased compensation for consistently safe driving habits
  • Each of our vehicles is installed with a Zubie device to monitor speed, braking, and curb incidents, allowing us to provide consistent feedback to our team
  • Comprehensive on-going training for all drivers to reinforce best practices


  • Use of SafeRide technology to provide parents real-time tracking and notifications about the status of their rides
  • Use of MediRoutes technology to monitor and arrange all routes in the most efficient way possible, reducing ride times and giving students the most time at home


  • A dedicated customer service line for all school students
  • Dedicated drivers on routes: your students / children will be provided the same driver on most, if not all, days
  • Real-time van tracking to know exactly when and where your student / child is at any moment during their trip


Announcing our Keeping Kids Safe Values!

ZipCare has 9 rules that make sure your children are always transported with safety as the top priority:

  1. A vehicle does not move until everyone is wearing their seatbelt
  2. Drivers exit the vehicle to accompany the student when needed
  3. Drivers are not allowed to text or talk on the phone while driving
  4. Each vehicle has daily pre-trip inspections done
  5. All vehicles are GPS monitored; schools can track where the vans are
  6. Drivers are CPR and verbal de-escalation trained
  7. All vehicles are equipped with a first aid kit
  8. All drivers have passed a rigorous background check and wear ID badges
  9. All drivers are randomly tested for drug and alcohol use

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